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Friday, 19 August 2011

Best swiftlet sound, top swiftlet sound, external swiftlet sound

I have invented a very good swiftlet sound which comes in a package of 3 sound..

The sound is made using the latest 3D stereo technology, and will give the visitor birds an impression that a lot of birds are flying and nesting inside the house. For example, if you stand near and in front of the BH entrance hole and with your eyes closed, you can actually hear swiftlets flying from left to right, right to left and encircling you.

The sound will create a kind of curiousity to the swiftlets and attract hundreds or thousands of birds to gather high up in the sky above your birdhouse, (Note: Contained No Duress Sound Inside!). The sound will slowly attract them to descend lower and lower and then they will circle the tweeter chasing each other happily and slowly those braver swiftlets will start to kiss the tweeter and even hang on it for 10 to 15 seconds. After about 20 mins, the sound's job of advertising to the swiftlets that a very attractive birdhouse is here and at the same time it will attract the bird to continue to play in front of the entrance hole's tweeters and slowly lure them to fly in.

The result of using this at my new stand alone BH in RAUB, PAHANG, 1st night 40s bird stayed (Not yet put bird shits due to a so call 'nato' friend and not yet fixed internal tweeter connection, so no internal sound), 2nd night 50s stayed (applied mutiara aroma but still without bird shits), 3rd night 60s stayed and now I am hoping this event will continue until the BH is full. . . .. This set of sounds required a good timing and a good sound technical knowledge to produce such kind of result. My friends (Existing BH owners) came on the 3rd day to observe my BH around 6.30 pm till 8.00 pm, he can't believe what he saw, he said your 3 day old BH is better than my 3 year old BH. Another said, my BH performance is beautiful until like c#b#i !!! in cantonese. ha ha ha.

This sound I named it   BHotel  CallingAFornia (you can check in anytime you like but you can never leave).

The video of its performance, hopefully, will be available from Pak Harry's blogs very soon.

Happy swiftlet farming.

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